Meet the Charismatic Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Weight: 30-38 pounds (male); 25-34 pounds (female)

Life span: 12 to 15 years

Coat: Double coated. The outer hairs have a slightly harsh texture, and the insulating undercoat is short, soft and thick.

Color: Red, sable and brindle; black, blue merle

Grooming: Easy keepers, requiring mainly weekly brushing

Shedding: Yes, especially seasonally

Best for: Active singles and families

Accurate name: In Welsh, the word Corgi loosely translates to dwarf dog.

AKC popularity rank: 66th

Equipment: The Cardigan isn’t built for strong or prolonged swimming, so get him a life jacket.

Some Cardigans also use portable stairs to help them up on furniture.

Possible health issues: Degenerative myelopathy, hip and elbow dysplasia, canine intervertebral disc disease.


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