National Yorkshire Terrier Day

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Standing at approximately 8 to 9 inches in height, the Yorkshire Terrier may be one of the smallest dog breeds, but these compact canines hold a big place in the hearts of dog lovers! The breed is even celebrated with a pet holidayNational Yorkshire Terrier Day, which was launched by and takes place on January 22!

National Yorkshire Terrier Day, January 22National Yorkshire Terrier Day, January 22

Fun Facts About Yorkies

To mark the occasion, we’ve fetched a few fun facts about the Yorkie: 

Did you know that the Yorkie is sometimes referred to by the nickname “Tomboy Toy” due to the breed’s daring demeanor?

Today Yorkies are pampered by their pet parents, but when this English breed began back in the 1800s they worked as ratters.

The Yorkshire Terrier was once known as the Broken-Haired Scotch Terrier.

In 2007, the Yorkshire Terrier came thisclose to winning the top spot on the American Kennel Club’s annual list of the most popular dog breeds, a position which is consistently held by the Labrador Retriever.  Although the breed has slipped slightly in the ranks over the years, in 2020 the Yorkie was named the 13th most popular dog.  

Long live the Yorkshire Terrier! The average lifespan for members of this breed is 13 – 16 years.

Famous Yorkies

Cede Higgins — This Yorkie won Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club dog show in 1978.

Huddersfield Ben — Considered the embodiment of perfection for the breed, this 19th century show dog turned stud dog (who was immortalized on canvas in a painting by George Earl) is thought of as the father of the modern Yorkie.  

Mr. Famous —  Audrey Hepburn’s Yorkie enjoyed a moment in the spotlight alongside his movie star Mom in the 1957 romantic comedy Funny Face.

Pasha —  During Richard Nixon’s term as President a Yorkie named Pasha promenaded through the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The four-pawed pal of Nixon’s daughter Tricia, Pasha shared the White House with the President’s other pooches, an Irish Setter called King Timahoe and a French Poodle named Vicky.

Smoky —  Rescued from an abandoned foxhole in the jungles of New Guinea, Smoky bravely helped her military friends of the 5th Air Force, 26th Photo Recon Squadron in World War II by taking part in 12 combat missions, and once the fighting ended she helped to lift the spirits of veterans as the first therapy dog.  The legacy of Smoky the War Dogs loyalty lives thanks to monuments around the world that have been erected in her memory. 

Famous Pet Parents of Yorkshire Terriers

Simon Cowell —  As a record executive and a judge on America’s Got Talent he has helped to make performers’ dreams of stepping into the spotlight come true, and as as animal advocate Simon Cowell has helped to shine a spotlight on a number of animal welfare issues. 

In 2015 Yorkies Squiddly, Diddly and Freddie joined their famous pet parent and Cruelty Free International to help raise awareness of the need to end laboratory experiments on animals. 

Beatie Edney — The British actress, who starred as Prudie in a TV adaptation of Poldark, cast Button– a Yorkshire Terrier adopted from The Mayhew Animal Home– in the role of her canine companion.

Ariana Grande — The pop sensation and judge on The Voice (who opened Orange Twins Rescue, her own animal rescue, in 2020), is a proud pet parent to a number of rescue dogs, including a Yorkshire Terrier named Strauss.

Whitney Houston — The music icon who took “I Will Always Love You” and “Greatest Love of All” to the top of the charts loved her canine companion, a Yorkie named Doogie, who lived to be 16 years old.

Vince Neil —  The Motley Crue frontman had a four-legged friend in a Yorkie he named California (Cali) Wolf Neil.

Amy Tan — Yorkies by the name of Bubba Zo and Lilli sat by the author of The Joy Luck Club as she worked on her novels.  

 Yorkshire Terriers on the Big and Small Screen

Barney — The canine companion of Mrs. Pynchon, the owner of the Los Angeles Tribune in the Mary Tyler Moore spin-off Lou Grant.

Boi —  Sharpay’s four-legged sidekick in the TV movie High School Musical 2 was portrayed by Manley,  the barking buddy of the show’s director and choreographer, Kenny Ortega.

Cinnamon — Rajesh Koothrappali’s pampered Yorkshire Terrier on The Big Bang Theory features in a Big Bang Theory Lego set!  

Daisy —  In the early 2000s reality series ‘Til Death Do Us Part, dog-loving MTV viewers got the chance to see Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra’s Yorkshire Terrier.

Mignon —  Arnold the pig may have garnered a coveted PATSY Award, (an honor once presented to animal actors) for his role on Green Acres, but the Yorkshire Terrier who portrayed Mignon (the French word for “cute”) won the hearts of TV viewers in the classic 1960s sitcom. The talented tail-wagger also made appearances in the TV series Petticoat Junction and The Beverly Hillbillies.

Moses — Showing impressive acting skills, a female Yorkshire Terrier mix named Terem portrayed the amorous male Yorkie Moses alongside a Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand and Ben Stiller in the comedy Meet the Fockers.

Adopting A Yorkshire Terrier

If you are pondering the prospect of welcoming a Yorkshire Terrier into your heart and home, you can find the Yorkie of your dreams at a Yorkshire Terrier-specific dog rescue (which are located throughout the United States), or your local rescue organization or animal shelter.

You can search for adoptable Yorkshire Terriers online at:

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National Yorkshire Terrier DayNational Yorkshire Terrier Day


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