Planted Aquariums for Beginners | My Biggest Tips

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Planted Aquariums for Beginners
The 2 main factors for planted tanks is so simple.
Lighting & Substrate
If you pick a nutrient rich substrate Like Dirt or Aqua Soil
You will have a much greater chance of success!
My Favorite substrate for a planted tank has always been Fluval Stratum Aqua Soil. It does leach ammonia in the first week but after your first water change it goes away. Planted tanks require minimal to no effort when the tank becomes balanced. Trust me. You will know when your tank balances out. Be patient it can take up to a few months! This 10 gallon tank you see in this video took about 2 months. Always still with easy plants if you are a beginner. Even professional aquascapers still rely on easy to grow plants. There are a ton of easy plant options out there! ALWAYS RUN A TIMER! Your fish and your plants will thank you for this trust me!
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