Why No-Hide Dog Chews are a (Way) Better Choice than Rawhide

Why No-Hide Dog Chews are a (way) better choice than rawhide

Some dogs will eat just about anything. That doesn’t mean they should. What we let our pups put into their bodies can make all the difference to their health and happiness. This is especially true of dog chews and treats. The best of the bunch in this category are high-reward, healthy, multi-tasking, and mutt-approved. But where to find this holy grail of pooch pleasure chews? Enter Earth Animal No-Hides.

Just like their human-grade counterparts, many dog chews can be classified as junk food. But this is not always the case. In 2014, Earth Animal innovated No-Hide® – the first in the rawhide-alternative dog chews category. Made with simple and wholesome ingredients (brown rice flour, agar-agar, olive oil, eggs, banana powder, and pineapple stem), Earth Animal No-Hide® Rolls, Stix, and new Strips are considered the best in their class.

A Deliciously Healthy Alternative

When made with real, simple ingredients, rawhide alternative dog chews are both delicious and easily digestible. Besides being easy on the pooch paunch, they also promote healthy teeth and gums. (Now that’s some good news to chew on.)

Take Earth Animal’s No-Hide® Chews: these veterinarian-formulated top-notch treats use only healthy ingredients, including one high-quality, sustainably sourced protein as the star. You won’t find any bleach, synthetics, or preservatives mucking up their scrumptious goodness. Bonus points for supporting American-made: each No-Hide® is mixed, rolled, and baked in Lancaster, PA.


No-Hide® Chews aren’t merely about indulging your dog’s taste buds, though. They serve a range of practical purposes, too. Indeed, the benefits of chewing for dogs have been well-documented. Not only is chewing a natural instinct, it’s also a therapeutic activity that promotes:

  • dental health,
  • mental stimulation and boredom relief (goodbye chewed furniture), and
  • stress relief.

Being the original, super tasty, healthy all-stars of the dog treat world that they are, No-Hide® Chews check all these boxes and then some.


One of the most prominent advantages of No-Hide® Chews is their suitability for dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes, and dental health.

  • Whether you have a playful teenager (note: puppies must be six months or older to safely chew No-Hides), an energetic adult dog, or a wise old soul, No-Hide® Rolls come in different sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and easily caters to them all.
  • Looking for the perfect reward or impromptu snack? New No-Hide® Strips feature a thin, snackable shape, that can be enjoyed every day by dogs of all sizes.
  • And Earth Animal No-Hide® Stix are loved world-wide by the wee little dogs – and plenty of cats too! Try them for yourself to see your finicky feline transformed into a treat-loving fiend.

* Check out Earth Animal’s handy Chew IQ chart to see which format and size works best for your dog and help you chews wisely. And remember, regardless of how careful you’ve been in choosing the appropriate size, always supervise your dog’s chewing bonanza.

Flavors Galore

With a wide array of flavors available, these treats offer the broadest appeal in the dog chew category. From chicken, beef and venison to salmon, peanut butter, as well as plant-based no-meat beef and no-meat salmon flavor options, there’s a flavor to suit every pup’s palate. (And every pet parent’s personal diet preference.) Earth Animal is also rolling out new flavor categories of Barbeque and Seasonal (Pumpkin Spice, Holiday Feast, and Strawberries & Cream) for a limited time, so keep an eye out for those.

This variety not only keeps your dog engaged but also allows you to switch things up to prevent chew fatigue. (It’s a thing!)


Whether you’re looking to keep your pup occupied, reward good behavior, assist in dental hygiene, or treat your pooch just because you can, No-Hide® Chews step up to the plate. Indeed, their multifaceted nature makes them an essential addition to your pet care toolkit.

Chews joy, flavor, and fun for your pooch today. Chews Earth Animal No-Hide Rolls, Stix, and Strips. One final feel-good note: Earth Animal is a certified B Corporation and proudly dedicates 1% of their annual net sales to investing in a more sustainable future for all Earth Animals.

Earth Animal No-Hides: a great alternative to rawhide

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