Win a $300 Mystery Bundle for Dog Lovers!

We are celebrating the relaunch of our YUCKY PUPPY® Facebook and Instagram pages with a BIG giveaway–a $300 Mystery Bundle! It’s filled with gifts for dog lovers, from jewelry to YUCKY PUPPY bags (psst…and even some dog toys thrown in as well).

And I wanted to take the chance to share some great news: Cherry, the adoptable dog we had been sponsoring at San Antonio’s Animal Defense League of Texas (the oldest no-kill shelter in Texas), has been ADOPTED! We’d been sponsoring her care for nearly six months so we know this girl was definitely ready for her forever home…congratulations to her and her new family!!

Cherry’s care was funded by purchases in our YUCKY PUPPY store–thank you all so much for all your support! It means the world to us…and to dogs like Cherry!

Right now, we are sponsoring a senior dog named Magnolia; this 9-year-old is looking for a home, if you know anyone in the San Antonio area!

Again, thank you all SO much for your help in sharing our posts–every order, post, comment and share helps dogs like Magnolia!

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