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We’ve just launched our new Yuletide Poop Bag Carriers in our YUCKY PUPPY store (because we know that’s not a lump of coal in your stocking!) Drop your dog’s full poop bag in, zip it up…and no one but your dog will know what you’re carrying!

This standard size bags is perfect for walking one or two dogs. (To give you an idea of capacity, it holds four tennis balls.)

We’d like one reader to win a set of two of our Yuletide bags AND our new Fall Leaves bags (in either Standard or XL size–winner’s choice!)

Special Offer for Free US Shipping!

Order now and get free USPS shipping on this and all our products! Use coupon code FREESHIP21 for free USPS shipping on US orders.

We encourage you to buy early; USPS has already warned of slowdowns this holiday season (and postage costs for package deliveries such as ours rises this weekend through the holidays).

Every order in our YUCKY PUPPY store helps sponsor the care of a shelter dog. Currently we are sponsoring Magnolia, a nine-year-old girl in San Antonio’s Animal Defense League of Texas:

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