Tips and Tricks: Beginner’s Guide to Adopt Me!

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This is a tips and tricks guide for beginners and people who need some good advice and guidance. You can think of it as an Adopt Me! 101. So, if you are a beginner, it is suggested to read this article on things you could do to make Adopt Me! less confusing and easier, even though it pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. Hopefully, you improve and learn from this!


A problem that many beginners (and other players) have is money. Many feel like it takes forever to get money for the car they want, the egg they want, or an item for sale. So, I have gathered some popular ways to get money and manage it, all for you to see!

Tip 1: Taking Care of Babies and Pets

This is pretty straight forward. If you be a baby, you can get double the money taking care of you and your pet. By just taking care of you and your pet, you can get a pretty big amount of money, especially if you are working on making a neon pet. When I make a neon pet, I am usually able to buy 4 jungle/safari/farm eggs with the money I got. So that totals up to be 3000 Bucks! But I am never usually a baby, so that would be double the money and total up to be 6000 Bucks! And if you want a little more money, offer to take care of your friend’s pets or start a daycare!

Tip 2: Daily Log-in Streak

When you log in to Adopt Me! for four days in a row, you earn up to a total of 375 Bucks and the next day you get a gift too! All for the price of fitting Adopt Me! into your schedule, but only for at least two minutes! The higher you get on your streak is fun to keep track of, because you can kind of see it as like a high score on a game. It also looks cool outside your house, since it displayed right next to your mailbox. Example: AllTheBoysOutThere has logged in 4 days. Tomorrow, he will get a present. The day after that, he has 6 days, and the routine starts again.

Tip 3: Stay Online

Staying online can help you get money. Every so often, you will be given 20 Bucks for just being on the Adopt Me! game! So, if you want to do something else but earn money at the same time, just stay online. You don’t have to do anything, even move. But check back every so often, and make sure not to stay idle for a bit because ROBLOX will kick you off the game if you do.

Tip 4: Sell Some Unwanted Items or Lemonade

A good way to make a bit of extra cash is to sell some items or lemonade/hot dogs. If you are just beginning, this wouldn’t be the best way to earn money until you have a few pets and vehicles that you would be willing to sell for money and a house that’s Pizza Place or any house that is more expensive than that. If you want to sell items, you need to have a cash register, a house that is any house but Tiny Home (starter home) and Family Home, and items to sell. Have your shop setup ready, a good example would be the photo on the side. Make all of your items 100 Bucks or less. This is because many people might think you are scamming by making them pay more. So, it is just more safe and reliable, if you areGENUINELYtrying to sell items and not scamming. Now on to how to sell lemonade/hot dogs. Anyone can do this if they have a lemonade stand or a hot dog stand. If you don’t and have a little bit of Robux, you can buy a lemonade stand forROBUX50and a hot dog stand forROBUX90. You can then set up the stand my taking it out of your inventory (it’s located in Toys) and placing it where ever you chose. I recommend placing it somewhere in the town center or near the tunnel, where lots of people see it for the maximum amount of money. You can bring it’s starting price down (lemonade’s starting price: 10 Bucks and hot dog stand’s starting price: 20 Bucks) to a minimum of $1 for each and a maximum of 20 Bucks for lemonade and 50 Bucks for hot dogs.Good setup

A good setup for a shop.

Note: I used some of MaddieUnicornZ’s tips and tricks, so if you think these tips were helpful, go thank her or check out her house decorating tips!


There is a trick to getting more pets.

How to Get Pets Quickly

A splendid way to get more pets is very simple. If you are a beginner, go get your starter pet in the Nursery. Once you hatch that by completing tasks for the egg, use the pet you got from it to earn yourself some money. Once you get to at least 350 Bucks, all you have to do is buy a cracked egg, hatch that, then use one of your pets, and repeat the process until you want to buy a different egg, get the right amount of money, then repeat again.


Here are some tips on trading:

Tip 1: Ask the Wiki For Any Help!
Many people here on the wiki are experienced traders and know the worth of items. We will not hesitate to help you out with any of your trading worries. If you’d like to know if you made a fair trade, ask on the Discussion page! Value of an item, ask on the Discussion page! Anything else about Adopt Me!… ask on the Discussion page!

Tip 2: Don’t Be Impatient or Rude
When trading, most people won’t trade with you if you are rude and pushy. If they are trading you and you’re pushy, then they might not accept the trade. Always be nice when trading. If you decide they don’t want to trade, don’t pester them or ask why or try to change their mind because that will probably not make them want to trade with you anymore. If they don’t want to trade anymore, just say okay, maybe thank them, and get on with your life.

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